Do you ship? Yes, we currently ship to all 48 states in the continental US. We do not ship internationally. Our preferred carriers are USPS and FedEx depending on the size of your order. 

How long does it take to receive my order? Because we make everything fresh and by hand, you can expect your order to be shipped within 7 business days. Once your order has left our kitchen you will receive shipping confirmation with tracking.

Can I get my order faster? Yes, we can arrange expedited delivery if you contact us prior to placing your order. Costs may vary depending on your location.  

Do you offer flavor options for the decorated cookies? No, all of our decorated cookies are the same flavor: vanilla bean shortbread with almond icing.  They may look different but they all taste the same…and they’re delicious!

How long will my cookies last? By nature, shortbread cookies have a fairly long shelf life. Unopened cookies will remain fresh up to 10 months (probably longer). Store opened cookies in an airtight bag or container and they’ll last several months.

Are all of your ingredients natural? Yes, we only use the finest ingredients in our shortbreads. All herbs and oils are organic and we use local butter and unbleached flour.

Do your cookies contain eggs? Yes and no. Our traditional packaged shortbreads do not contain eggs but our decorated cookies are made with royal icing which does contain dehydrated egg whites.